Who is Amanda Andonian?

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I’m a writer, designer, and burgeoning developer. I hate writing about myself, though, which I guess is ironic. Or maybe it isn’t ironic; I don’t write about myself in my writing. This paragraph has too many iterations of the word “write.”

In any case, I fancy myself a creator, though I spend the majority of my time consuming. Things I enjoy consuming: TV, movies, games, books, comedy podcasts, food, beer.

I think I spend a little too much time on the last one.

In addition to working as a marketing consultant for various tech startups, I’m also the Senior Editor and resident website expert at GeekLegacy.com. Check it out!

I’m based in San Francisco, but happy to work remotely. For examples of my work, both written and design-related, check out my portfolio.

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I’m pretty easy to get a hold of, just check out any of my social profiles below. If you’re opposed to social media, you can also contact me at amanda@andonian.me.

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